Elizabeth Stanley

Before venturing into Real Estate,  I was a special education teacher for 16 years, examining the individual personality traits of each and every student, listening to their needs and the needs of their family, and making a plan to provide them with the education that they needed, wanted, and worked best for them.  When I decided to retire from education, I knew that I wanted to continue serving people.

Real Estate was my choice and it has been such a wonderful fit. Real estate, like education, is so  personal and such a integral part of the American dream.  I began my real estate career as an Executive Assistant with a successful, top-rated team. With that  team, I learned how important it is to provide excellent service and earn life-long clients. I also  learned the ins and outs of the real estate transaction process and how to make sure that the process runs smoothly. 

I joined the Moves With A Purpose Realty Team, because their mission was fresh, different, and perfectly suited for my passion to serve people. As a team, we donate 10% of all commissions earned to local non profits and charities of our clients'' choosing. Last year, our team donated over $25,000 to charity. This year, we have a goal of $50,000 in donations. Why is this mission so important to us? We live in this community. We love this community. And, we want to be a part of the positive change that is happening in Savannah.  
I will work diligently to find a wonderful house for you and your family, something personal to you. Once we have found that house, my meticulous attention to detail will allow the process to be as smooth and painless as possible, assisting you through every step along the way and giving you the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of purchasing your home.

Call or text Elizabeth at 843-209-1065 or email her at [email protected].
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