Matthew's success in real estate and desire to give back to the community where he built his real estate career has inspired him to create a new business model, one that he encourages other real estate agents to emulate.   The Moves With a Purpose team takes 10% of its commissions straight off the top and donates them to a local non-profit organization of the client’s choice.  This can be charities, schools, hospitals, or any other cause that our clients prefer.  Our motto is “You Invest in Your Home, and We Invest in Your Community.” 

Charitable giving is all well and good, but for many of us, buying and selling our homes are the largest financial transactions of our lives.  These are unprecedented times in the real estate market--lots of opportunities, lots of misinformation. You need a professional team you can trust to help you sort through it.  The Moves With a Purpose team strives to provide the best service possible, through our unique combination of experience and expertise.