Our Marketing
Our Personal Service Commitment Guarantee. 100% Satisfaction.

As a Keller Williams Realty Real Estate Professional, dedicated to providing the best possible service, we guarantee that we will:

1. Recommend a competitive asking price.  We will provide you with a written Comparative Market Analysis based on current information.
2. Actively market your home. Prepare a Personalized Home Marketing Action Plan that includes:
• Recommendations for preparing your home for sale
• Financing options and mortgage pre-approval of your property
• A Keller Williams “For Sale” sign
• A “Features Of This Home” sheet
• Distribution of “Just Listed” notices, where applicable
• Real Estate Professionals’ Open Houses and Public Open Houses, as appropriate
• Marketing of your home through various forms of advertising
• Follow-up with prospective buyers
• Exposure of your listing to the world on the Keller Williams website (www.kw.com)
• Keep you informed of:
• Changes in the market throughout your listing period
• Buyer interest in your property
• Response to promotional activities
3. Help negotiate the sale.
• Review all offers
• Represent you during negotiations
4. Follow up after the sale.
• Forward all relevant documents to legal professionals
• Provide information to help you in your move
• Refer you to a Keller Williams Real Estate Professional in your new community, if appropriate.
How Our Marketing is a Step Above

Professional Home Staging

The Number One Reason For Staging Your Home – It Works!
 A professionally staged home spends 80% less time on the market. A staged home enhances photos, virtual tours and attracts more serious buyer visits. It helps potential buyers feel relaxed while visualizing their own furnishings and future in your home.  The Moves With A Purpose Team works closely with local, Interior Designers to tactfully and respectfully communicate with you, the homeowner, all the important and sensitive issues that need to be addressed in order to prepare your property for sale. We provide an impartial and professional opinion of what a potential buyer may see and feel walking through your home. This will give you the opportunity to make adjustments to improve the home's appeal and value.

Many times, only minor changes are needed to enhance the character and charm of your home. Our main goal is to utilize the possessions currently in the home. If you find time is an issue, the designer can be retained to take care of all of the details to ready your home. With a full roster of professional, qualified trades right on down to having their own stock of furnishings, we want to “dress to impress your home” for potential buyers. You only have 30 seconds to impress potential buyers, so creating an inviting, memorable and welcoming atmosphere is crucial and we want to ensure your success in getting moved.

The Importance of Professional Photographs in Marketing a Home
With all of the competition on the market, it is important to have professional photos because they are your first, and maybe only impression, to the majority of buyers who are searching for homes on the Internet. Using professional photos can draw more attention to your listings and result in more clicks by potential buyers. Research has found that listings that utilized professional photos generated an average 139% increase in clicks compared to similar listings.
Although more clicks do not guarantee a sale, it does mean more potential buyers are viewing your listing. Reaching more buyers with your listing betters your chance of finding the right buyer. The Wall Street Journal published a graph to show that in the majority of price brackets, more homes sold that had photos from a professional camera compared to photos taken with a point-and-shoot. A professional camera can affect how a buyer looks at a listing and the benefits can be seen!
Your Home will be ALL over the Internet!
We use a fully optimized website with all the latest technology
to allow our buyers and sellers to come in and search with ease with your own login capabilities you can easily search for your next home or find homes similar to yours to get a good sense of value on your home and we also feature all of the local communities we work within to get you the results you need, whether buying or selling. We advertise the website through a number of social media portals, so when our listings are featured they get plenty of traffic. It’s one of the many things we do to ensure your home is being shown to a wide audience, both locally and abroad. Remember, many times buyers are also moving from across the Province, Country and the globe.
Virtual Tours/Single Property Website/ You Tube
Our tours really assist with showcasing your home and are a favorite with buyers. Because we incorporate web portals, such as You Tube, our website and Single Property websites, we are always on page 1 rankings of web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox.  With our unique Branding and templates and your home, we create show stopping marketing and leading edge techniques to get your home SOLD!
Tools we use:
 Walk Score • Google Maps
 Yelp • Schools
We are now using Google Hangouts and Go To Webinars to incorporate live webinars from our clients homes, showcasing the home, as well we have finance and other related professionals speaking in the real time webinars for individuals that can’t make such things as agent and public open houses, all providing that much more information to get buyer’s in your front door and your home SOLD!

Open House e-Postcards
Our E-flyers, displaying your home with multiple ways to contact us, schedule showings and proven call-to-actions, that bottom line… generate more buyers. The digital age is here to stay and we are always at the forefront with current technologies, allowing us to use less paper and more digital power. With our E-posts, we can easily email potential buyers and fellow realtors, delivering a more powerful message. Using Pay-per-click adds and Facebook advertising, our platforms work very effectively to deliver buyers to landing pages highlighting your home, getting it sold quicker and all with a more professional look than paper advertising can offer.

Page One
With Google and You Tube being the biggest, widely used search engines, you will have no worries about your home being lost in a sea of search results. Because we know technology ourselves and also employ companies to support our platforms that incorporate powerful SEO we always show up one Page one of Google searches. What does this mean to you? -A global audience will be able to see your home in real time: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These days, most buyers are not coming from the local marketplace and even when they are, they’re online looking for their next home.
Social Media
We are fully engaged in Social Media with both personal and business pages that we are posting on daily with loads of information about real estate, listings, events, local and long distance events and of course, some humor.
It is more important than ever to be connected. Many times our clients and fellow realtors are coming to us through Social media engagement. We are showcasing our clients needs to a wide audience of friends, associates, fellow realtors and other professionals, to give your home the best opportunity to get Sold quicker. Drop by our website www.MovesWithAPurpose.com and you can easily navigate to any one of many social media platforms we use. See You There!
Social media is an excellent tool to use when marketing your property, but often times property posts can get lost in the every-changing updates that happen on a social media site. We make sure your home stays at the top of everyone’s minds by conducting public vote required contests. These contests promote your home, by encouraging people to visit your post and vote for which charity they would prefer the donation be made. It is a great way to get people sharing information about your home in a way that also promotes community activism.
Zillow Premiere Agent
The ways in which people find homes is changing and Zillow is an online search-engine that is at the top of the game. As a Premiere Agent with Zillow, your home would be features at the top of any relevant searches.
A part of our online strategy is showcasing your home on Craigslist with ads displaying your home with proven call-to-actions that generate more buyers. It’s what we call the funnel effect. We know how important it is for you to get moved successfully and we know how to incorporate every tool to get the job done.